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Airline Services & Facilities
Below are services and facilities that are provided to our airline partners

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Airline Services & Facilities


Use of the Apron

Landing Facilities


Parking Bays

Passenger Boarding Bridge/Aerobridge (“PBB”)

Visual Docking Guidance System (“VDGS”)

PBB Mounted Equipment

Oil, Fuel and Hydraulic Fluid Spillage

Airside Solid Waste Management

Aircraft interior (“AI”) cleaning Waste Management

Aircraft Toilet Waste Management (“ATWM”)

Equipment and Motor Vehicles Conditions

Counters and Gates

Counter Equipment and Our Equipment

Baggage Tubs

Baggage Handling System (“BHS”)

Information Public Address Facility (PA Facility), Flight Information Display System (“FIDS”) and Baggage Information Display System (“BIDS”)

Terminal Transfer Service

Security & Security Services

Airport Fire & Rescue Service

Data Network Connection

PABX Connection

Tetra Digital Trunked Radio System (DTRS)

Direct Lines/Facsimile/Leased Lines

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